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We had asked you to write us an open letter for India as we Indians have much to talk about these days. But what would we tell India if we had the chance?
What if India was a person? What would you tell her?
On this 69th Republic Day, we came up with this #Merakhat campaign, under this campaign we got many letters and it really feels great to read these open letters which actually has no restriction. Just have a look at these amazing letters and feel what we Indians think and want to tell our Bharat. 


Future of Kashmir

We have always known Kashmir for burning vehicles on roads, strikes and most commonly terrorist attacks. In the present scenario we may say that the beauty of Kashmir is gone somewhere. As we see reduction in tourism and declining trade and small businesses. The condition of people living in Kashmir is also not very gud as far as the present conditions are concerned. They never know when they would have to leave schools, colleges and sometimes even their homes. One can easily imagine the condition of children and youth living there. This story is about a girl who has become a role model for various Kashmiris and a child icon for various other children from the world. This child not only made kashmir proud but also India. This is the other side of Kashmir. Lets have a look "Ek Kashmiri Aisa Bhi".

Tajamul Islam is India's eight-year-old girl kickboxer from Kashmir who is the national kickboxing champion and represent India at an international event in Italy. She won the gold medal at the World Kickboxing Championship held in Andria, Italy.

Tajamul has beaten great odds by excelling at kickboxing, a sport largely associated with boys and men both in the Kashmir Valley and across the globe.

It’s rightly said that boxing is not a sport for the faint hearted. Tajamul worked towards her goal with complete dedication, despite living in a village and facing numerous hurdles, fighting all obstacles that came her way. Her story inspires us to achieve our desired goals in life. For a girl like her it would not have been a easy task to achieve all this. All this would not have been possible without a Great Coach, definitely his efforts deserve this success. He is running an academy in kashmir & he has nearly 3000 girls who have been taking classes. Kashmir needs some more youngsters like him to make it 'Jannat' again.

Tajamul Islam (red dress), coach (in blue track suit), Himanshu saxena in the middle.

Our few team members had got the opportunity to meet her and other girls practicing kickboxing in the academy. It feels really great when we see other side of kashmir which is unknown for others. Definitely she will inspire many others to achieve their objectives irrespective of the hurdles coming in their way.

These pics were captured by Himanshu Saxena and his friends on their visit to Vaishno Devi Temple (J & K).