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About Us

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Parivartan “The Change” is the culmination of a journey, born through the efforts of Kapil Kumar, an engineer and blogger with a dream and passion to make a change in the society and the lives of people he connected. His interest in social affairs and an intention to bring about a change made him aspire for civil services. Kapil  started writing on different social and national issues naming his blog as Parivartan - The Change since November 2015.

The blog and writings of Kapil generated interest amongst fellow citizens. HimanshuSaxena and Shreyans Pal were moved with the thoughts and decided to join hands with Kapil Kumar to affirm their support to this blog and the actions it advocated. This panel then decided to get into action and came on ground as a social welfare group. The seeds of an institution were sown on 16th October 2016. This group then started to work on raising awareness on various social issues with innovative techniques and methods, including videos, live events in public forums & campaigns. Later on, the group got to know that doing good for the society is not enough and you need to be in authority or in an organization. Seeing the dedication of all the members who were added during the tenure of this welfare group, the team decided to convert this social welfare group into a full-fledged NGO viz. Parivartan “The Change” Society. The society was formally incorporated in Moradabad on July 18, 2017.

We are inspired by the words of Margaret Mead who once said -

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.”


Our Vision

Parivartan "The Change" believes and swears by the words of the Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi when he said – "Be the change you wish to see in the world".

We are working to strengthen and empower underprivileged children through our Project Pa8shaala which aims to educate and enroll underprivileged children in government schools. As part of the initiative, every child is treated as a special with an aim to empower them. These changes are being done with very limited resources by a team of individuals full of zeal, commitment and dedication. With this project we have a committed goal to see every child getting proper education instead of working in a shop or domestic place. Our team’s dedication has the capability to make this dream a reality with our vision of a Mobile PA8shaala Van and a Residential School for the kids that are still away from the reach of education. This is sad reality given after 70 years of independence we are not 100% literate and without this target, seeing India at the top amongst the nations of the world is not at all possible.

The other important aspect Parivartan considers is to “Save Earth” through PUB i.e. Prithvi Ki Umar Badhao Project, in order to make people responsible for their acts towards nature and environment. As part of the Prithvi Ki Umar Badhao (PUB) project we have been focusing on enhancing cleanliness of Rivers (Ganga & Ram Ganga), Waste Management & Composting, Tree Plantation and Adoption & Give Up Plastic Campaign in the society with the help of communities and students. The emphasis is on develoing a just and eco-friendly community that is committed for sustainable development as we believe “Nature is not a gift from fore fathers rather it’s been borrowed from our future generation” so it’s our responsibility to use it wisely.

Beside these two full time projects, we are engaged in generating awareness issues relevant to women & girls through street plays and awareness camps. Charity work for the needy is always our priority and for that we launched collection drives of clothes and also donation camps for needy persons. We always try to “Make the Best out of Waste” and for that we collect waste newspapers from our donors to recycle them & generate funds for our events and campaigns. With this Commitment, Dedication and Intention, we are working to bring the change to make a better society and world at large.

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Message from CEO, PRESIDENT

(CEO, President)

When I think of the journey that we at Parivartan have covered, it takes me back to my initial thoughts on how our society has changed? It reminds me of those experiences where I saw people changing their habits from hampering environment to youth being addicted to new technology, citizens forgetting basic ethics, civic and moral sense, girls not being able to take a stand for their rights and at some point a girl being the only source of hope for their family, children begging on the street, standing at fast food corners and what not…? These issues have diverted my mind from a civil services aspirant to a social, political blogger finally into a complete social worker.

The journey of change has never been easy. The idea of Parivartan was put in front of people through a blog and it took us a year to transform it as a full-fledged NGO. Once Parivartan – The Change was set up, I put thrust on two main issues- firstly, considering the future of our society and nation at large I thought of making underprivileged kids the ultimate source energy for the nation’s progress. Secondly my fight was to safeguard our Environment - there is nothing more important than this. We all are at the mercy of Mother Earth and Nature.

As I look back today, I can say with pride that the Pa8shaala Project has brought hundreds of children into mainstream education. Making them get formal education is our constant endeavor. With Paa8shaala we have taught 200 students in a year and have enrolled more than 60 students in government schools impacting more than 200 families.

Under the Prithvi Ki Umar Badhao(PUB) initiative we have tried our best to make the citizens of Moradabad think and act to save our natural resources especially River Ramganga. The impact is not only on lakhs of people but also on administration with the launching of various campaigns to cover the issues. Our 700 Km long Cycle Yatra from Moradabad to Varanasi to raise awareness on river conservation and cleanliness reached out to thousands of people across 9 districts of Uttar Pradesh. We were fortunate to convey our ideas to the Deputy Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Shri. Keshav Prasad Maurya.

Parivartan has strongly advocated for the rights of women. I believe empowering women has the ability to make India a super power in the world.

We have a vision of making citizens more sensitive towards environment, advocating women issue and children enjoying their childhood and contributing to the growth of the nation. Therefore, I see the uniqueness and effectiveness of work in the dedication, passion and valued human approach to address any issue. The young minds have really contributed a lot in the journey of change from becoming an ordinary youth to a seasoned social worker. Making society better needs constructive efforts, dedication to work, human values and empathic attitude towards one and all, so we here at Parivartan have pledged to be the change the society, we wish to see around us.

I always say ‘We at Parivartan are not here to make followers or supporters, instead we are preparing ‘future leaders’ who are empowered to bring a change.’ Come let us join that fulfilling journey to make India stronger and prosperous!

 Kapil Kumar (CEO, President)


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For creating a better tomorrow one needs to invest in their children now, therefore we at Parivartan thought of teaching the underprivileged slum children. It was a challenge for us, pursuing their parents to send their wards for study then holding their interest in studies. Here we are talking about children those who have never thought of study as their normal life. So we started our Pa8shaala program with following points in mind - to make them punctual we organized a 4-month program in which we taught them six days in a week. For creating the interest of these children we made a syllabus which includes crafts activity, learning by surrounding, digital learning. We had also included singing/dancing/running competition for creating a competitive in these children. We too had a star of the week competition there, to make children have a healthy competition among them. We had also organized a health camps through we make them and their parents understand the importance of hygiene in their life. For empowering women, we were fortunate to have taught many girls in our Pa8shaala programs, We had various interns who had taught in our Pa8shaala and we tried to explain them the need for them to work for our society thereby creating future woman leaders – whom we name as Guruji.

We also care for the environment at Parivartan. There is a saying “Environment is a debt of this generation to the future generation. We need to preserve or conserve its resources and use it for the masses. So we have  aPRITHVI Ki UMAR BADHAO (PUB) project where we have tried to make people aware about pollution, pollutants, it’s harmful effects on their health.

We have tried many ways to show the people what we want to say through seminars in schools, informed them about waste management. As part of a cycle rally we covered 700km from Moradabad to Varanasi along River Ganga to educate people about water conservation and cleanliness. We had organized a rally and a cleanliness drive in Moradabad for three days. We had also organized athree-month cleanliness program on the bank of River Ramganga.

I believe people are sensitive towards issues, what I have observed they lack alternatives & want solutions and ways to tackle the situation. Like for slum children education people supported us as guruji. I have seen people have accepted the more Eco -Friendly alternatives, we just need to clear the idea why and how it is beneficial to them in long run and they will accept it with full enthusiasm”.                                                                                                                                                                Himanshu Saxena(CPM, Vice- President)

Meet the Team

The team has mainly two divisions i.e Board of Directors/ Governing Council which is a permanent chamber as the NGO was formed by their continous efforts & hard work and Management Team for day to day management.

(CEO, President)
Mr. Kapil Kumar

Chairman(Governing Council) & President (Management Team)

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Mr. Himanshu Saxena

Vice-Chairman(Governing Council) & Vice-President(Management Team)

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Mr. Shreyans Pal

Vice- Chairman(Governing Council) & Secretary


Mr.Deepanshu saini

Chief Secretary

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Miss.Neha Pandey

Promotion Incharge


Miss. Nancy Sharma



Mr. Paras Bhardwaj


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Miss.Deepika Gupta

Promotion Incharge


Mr. Mayank Joshi


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Mr. Aditya Kumar

Media Incharge

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Mr. Vivek Kumar

Promotion Incharge

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Miss. Swasti Singh


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Miss. Swati Gupta

Media Incharge

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Mr. Rajat Verma


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Mr. Abhishek Chaturvedi